Aug 7, 2010

Photies of le moi :)

I thought I'd let you know what my new hair looks like :)

This is the colour. It's brown with blonde highlights and black underneath :)
Below are a couple of pics I went a little crazy with :)

This is what my hair looked like the day I had it done... I can never replicate the style exactly!

Aug 4, 2010

Something pretty...

David Delamare is one of my favourite artists, if not my favourite altogether.
This painting of his is part of a collection, which I bought in the form of a book called Mermaids and Magic Shows. It's called Bathing in Moonlight.

Little bif of scandal...

One of the guys in my office has gotten his girlfriend pregnant! Now, as great a guy as he is, surely he must realise that pregnancy before marriage is not ideal?

Thankfully he is a good guy, loves his girlfriend and has every intention of marrying her :) 10 Points to the guy for being a good guy.

OK, back to the grindstone I go!

Dog Raves His Face Off

Darren sent me this, this morning. It's well cute :)

Oh! Btw...

I had my hair done this weekend, but I keep forgetting to take pics. Maybe after I've had my eyebrows waxed this weekend I'll take a snap or two of the hair of doom :)

I laughed so hard at this...

Check out the TV... Seriously, this seems to be a Wii game!

"Yes, you too could learn how to stick your arm up a horses ass in the comfort of your own home for just 5 easy payments of $19.95!"

WOW - Fat is on the rise

Did you know that 26.7% of American people are OBESE!
Bare in mind that you are considered obese if you are 30KG's or more overweight. That means that just under 30% of America is 30KG's or more overweight. Hecticals.

Read the full article on the NY Times website here:
Obesity Rates Keep Rising, Troubling Health Officials

Btw... that is NOT my ass :P

Avenged Sevenfold: Nightmare

Avenge Sevenfold's new album Nightmare is awesome.

I picked it up from Look and Listen last night (not cheap at R179.95) and spent my evening listening to it.

There's a bit of a story behind this album because their drummer died last year and much of the album is a dedication to him... from what I can see. You can pick up more information on Wikipedia about it.

Little catch up

September is coming folks! September, in general, is a good month for me. It’s normally a month of new beginnings and new adventures in my life. Let’s hope that this September lives up to the expectations I’ve placed on it.

DoD is going well… well, as well as well could be, I guess. The first week I lost 1.8 kilo’s, the second 0.4 kilo’s (completely disappointing, but what can you do?) and the third (weigh-in was yesterday) 1.3 kilo’s, bringing us to a grand total of 3.5 kilo’s in 3 weeks. I will be skinny yet! Ok, not skinny… I never want to be skinny, just thinner than I am now.

Another busy weekend is looming. Saturday is eyebrow waxing day and Katia and I are going to Tala in the afternoon for the Bridal Fair. Sunday is Pat’s wedding and Monday is a public holiday, which I am going to spend with mom, relaxing.

Tonight is dancing, but to be very honest with you, I’m so not in the mood… But I’ll go anyways, as I need the exercise.

Well, that’s it from me today :)
Have a good one all