Aug 4, 2010

Little catch up

September is coming folks! September, in general, is a good month for me. It’s normally a month of new beginnings and new adventures in my life. Let’s hope that this September lives up to the expectations I’ve placed on it.

DoD is going well… well, as well as well could be, I guess. The first week I lost 1.8 kilo’s, the second 0.4 kilo’s (completely disappointing, but what can you do?) and the third (weigh-in was yesterday) 1.3 kilo’s, bringing us to a grand total of 3.5 kilo’s in 3 weeks. I will be skinny yet! Ok, not skinny… I never want to be skinny, just thinner than I am now.

Another busy weekend is looming. Saturday is eyebrow waxing day and Katia and I are going to Tala in the afternoon for the Bridal Fair. Sunday is Pat’s wedding and Monday is a public holiday, which I am going to spend with mom, relaxing.

Tonight is dancing, but to be very honest with you, I’m so not in the mood… But I’ll go anyways, as I need the exercise.

Well, that’s it from me today :)
Have a good one all

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