Dec 20, 2011

Hello? You still there?

Gosh it's been forever since I posted on this thing. Big things are afoot in the land of Ash; it's all very exciting. More updates to follow as soon as certain events have rolled around.

In other exciting news... Maxine is half way through her pregnancy... Her baby is due on the 9th of May, if I'm not mistaken. It's all very exciting :)

Dec 7, 2011

Counting Blessings...

I count my blessings every day, times two, for my boyfriend.

Sep 27, 2011

Transcending into the madness

OK... so I've got my first trans-party with the trans-hippies on the 15th. I've decided that I'm going to take my fire toys and flowlights and hide behind them all night. I'm even hunting for a tie-dye t-shirt, which is hippie camo :P It's on the 15th of next month, and I have to say, I am looking forward to it :) This is like home territory for Wayne because he used to DJ at these things, so at least I'll have him with me :) Fun fun :)

A Day of Celebrations

There are three wonderful things to celebrate today...

1. It's my and Wayne's 4th monthaversary! It's been a wonderful 4 months with my bean

2. It's Google's 13th Birthday! Happy Birthday Google :D

And finally...

3. Maxine is pregnant! I can post this now because she's told her family :) How awesome is that? Congrats Max!

Sep 26, 2011

A fun weekend all round

I don’t know about your weekend, but mine was just far too short. Other than a minor hiccup on Saturday afternoon (Wayne and I were both grumpy… He was suffering from cigarette withdrawl symptoms and I was suffering from stomach ache, so I went home and left both of us to our own miseries) we had a lovely weekend.

Cupcake Day! Mom and I went to a cupcake decorating course out in Everton. Fun was had by all! We decorated 6 cupcakes each. Zolita and her mom, Zola, showed us various techniques from mixing icing to creating grass. She also gave us cupcake embellishments which she had already made up. Those were made of plastic (sugar-paste) icing and are actually relatively easy to put together by the looks of it. As soon as mom has a decent mixer again I’ll be baking. Watch this space for my own designs.

I’ll be organizing a mixer for my mom for Christmas. Going to buy her a Kenwood Chef and hopefully not put myself in debt until the cows come home because of it, but we shall see.

After the course I headed over to (a very grumpy) Wayne’s place. Shame, the poor bean seems to have acquired back ache. He called me later in the evening to find out what pills he must get from the chemist, sounding like he was on the verge of tears, so my irritation levels dropped instantly. After rattling off a list, he popped to the chemist and then came over for dinner, took his meds and went home. Poor thing. He needs to go to the chiropractor and get run over with her steam roller.

A very late start to the day and well, to be perfectly honest I woke up and put on a video game and well… that was me for the morning. I arrived at Wayne’s place at about midday and we popped to Galleria for a round of glow-in-the-dark putt-putt. That was fun! Look, we both suck, but I did manage to kick his bum at it, so my competitive side was stoked. We really should do it again, but in a big group with friends.

We spent a fair amount of time wandering around Galleria, after which Wayne did some grocery shopping; topping up on the basics.

And that was my weekend. Not a bad one all round actually.

My Cupcake Creations!

My box of cuppie-cakes!

The bug (aka Mom) making her garden :)

Sheepish Sheep

Pretty pink flowers :)

In the garden!

The bling swirl

Mr Ted-E-Lion!

Bug putting eyes on her "dog"

The ginger

These are mom's cupcakes :)

Sep 15, 2011

Loooooooooooong day

Well, yesterday was an adventure. It turned out to be a very long day ending in me not having enough money to pay for the parking at the airport. Thankfully, my awesome boyfriend came to my rescue. It’s a long story, and one that I’m just too tired to tackle at this point. The painkillers I took last night have left me tired and grumpy the whole day. I can’t wait to get into my bed tonight… Tomorrow I will tackle all the bits and pieces that I should have tackled today, but just didn’t have the brain power to.

BTW! It costs R105 – one way – to get from Marlboro station (on the outskirts of Alexandria township) to the airport on the Gautrain. Can you spell R.I.P-O.F.F!

Sep 13, 2011

Adventuring we will go...

I'm off to Johannesburg tomorrow. Here's hoping I don't get lost in that dismal city. Catching the Gautrain to Sandton. Wish me luck!

Absolutely amazing!

It seems that sculptures have been popping up around the libraries in Scotland.
Read the story, it's absolutely wonderful :D

Mysterious Paper Sculptures

Sep 10, 2011

I am Number Four

This is a movie that I never got around to watching in the cinema, but did want to. Since then I'd heard mixed reviews from friends. Some loved it, some said it was too much along the lines of the Twilight movies... all soppy romance and no action. I'm not really Twilight's biggest fan, so the prospect of it being anything like those movies put me off a fair bit. Anyways, mom and I got take-aways for dinner last night and so I thought I'd pop into the video store next door. The DVD was in the corner that I usually frequent, you know that one, the lastest releases corner, every video store has one. I looked at it, scanned the rest of the shelves to see if there was anything better, and ended up taking it.

Ok, so the movie...

Alex Pettyfer (John Smith) was very much under my radar until I watched Beastly. He's not a bad actor at all. Look, he's no Nicholas Cage or Sean Connery, but as far as the young, up and coming actors go, he's definitely one to watch.

Ok, so John Smith and 8 other kids are from another planet, Lorien, which was destroyed by another race of aliens called the Mogadorians. These kids were all referred to by a number. As the other "Numbers" were killed off John grew stronger and came into a set of powers called Legacies. Each child apparently has different Legacies. He is guarded by a CĂȘpan (warrior) called Henri (Timothy Olyphant).

Stepping away from the movie a second here, does anyone else think that Timothy Olyphant is just the most delicious thing we have seen on the big screen in a very long time? At the ripe old age of 42 (born in 1968), the saying "men get better looking with age" certainly applies to him.

Ok, back to the movie... Look, I've no interest in running through it play-by-play. I'm not a movie reviewer, I'm just here to tell you that you should watch the movie. Yes, it does have a bit of a love story attached to it, but that's ok. It's not a soppy, gooey movie like the dismal Twilights.

The action scenes in the movie were fun! And well, any movie that has a Chimera in it will already earn 10 brownie points in my life. How cool was Bernie? Unfortunately Google is not offering up a decent image of him in his Chimera form for me to post.

Another great reason to watch the movie (especially if you're a guy) is the very awesome Australian, Six (Teresa Palmer). This girl is HAWT. Her Legacies include*:
*Courtesy of Wiki

Telekinesis — Like John, she can move objects with her mind. It is not told how developed her strength is.

Invisibility — Six can make herself invisible. She manages to sneak around outside the school despite the numerous Mogadorians outside. Six can turn people invisible just by touching them; however, this is limited to only a couple of people. John's grandfather had this power.

Elemental Manipulation — Six can control the four basic elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. She can apparently mix these powers together, shown when she makes a storm appear in the final fight.

Ok, well that's all I have time for today. The movie is definitely worth a watch, and I'm going to see if I can get the books too. I think they'd make a great read. I'm off to spin poi with my boy :P
Have a great weekend all!


I always hear a lightsaber's "wong wong" sound when I see these lights come out of his hands

Sep 9, 2011

A pinch of salt, a dash of ... biltong?

Today's What's for Dinner recipe is biltong and pepperdew loaf. It sounds both strange and delicious and seeing as my boyfriend loves biltong I thought I'd give it a bash this weekend.

If you'd like to tackle the recipe yourself, click the link below:

What's for Dinner - Biltong and Pepperdew Loaf


Good morning everyone! It's FRIDAY!

And in the spirit of Friday, here's a video to get you in the swing of the weekend :D

In other news - here's a few photos of Barry at Fire in the Park the other night :)

This is my favourite of the lot :)

Sep 8, 2011


Quick lunchtime catch up

Okay, so yesterday was D-day for the meeting with Darren to discuss the brief for Robyn's website (Fire and Lights). Overall I think the meeting went very well, Darren completely understood the concept and came back with a few really good suggestions on how elements of the website should function. The only problem is that all in all, the website is going to cost around R150k to develop. Yes, you heard me right... One hundred and fifty thousand rand. So, at this point I'm not sure what decisions Robyn is going to make, but a few will need to be made. Darren will be sending back a proposal / cost estimate on Tuesday and we can take it from there. I feel heartsore for her, because I really don't know if that amount is reachable for her and at the end of the day, this is what she should be doing. Robyn is not designed to sit in an office. She is designed to be a connector, she needs to travel the world and connect performers with people who need them. Also, her first attempt at the website was a bit of a failure for various reasons, so she's already put a fair chunk of money, time and effort into the thing. I'll see her tonight and see how she's doing.

Fire in the Park last night was lovely. It did start to rain at one point, but by then Wayne and I were so tired that it was time to go home anyways. I took a good number of photos of Baz, which I am going to use to put together an article for Robyn's Fire and Lights blog. The article will be entitled something along the lines of Shooting Poiple. Hopefully one or two of them came out alright! I must check the settings on the photographs that I took of Rayson, and maybe use some of those images too. Will see how it goes. Baz was in "cute mode"... friendly, funny and just enjoying himself. I love it when he's like that and just want to squeeze him. He really is a lovely guy. I hope his new girlfriend is awesome. Wayne didn't spin fire or play drums, which I think made his heart a little sad, but his violin exam is on Monday and if he damages himself then he won't be able to do it. So no fun was had by my bean unfortunately :( Poor thing. At least he brought his friend Dave with and they had a bit of a chin-wag. Martin was in "teacher mode" which meant that I got 6 weeks worth of poi lessons in the space of 2 hours. I'm not complaining though, I learn a great deal when he's in that mode.

I'm so excited for Wayne about his violin exam. He's been practicing like a demon and although I've only ever really heard him play once, he's doing very well. If nerves don't get the better of him I'm sure that he will rock that exam, and in 9 years or so I will have a boyfriend (or a husband, who knows) who plays violin in an orchestra. How cool is THAT!?! He's such a talented bean :) I love my bean :)

Tonight is the night market in Toti. I'm going to see Robyn, but I won't be staying for too long. I'm just too tired. This has been a very long week of late nights and I want an early one.

On a random side note, should you be at the Gateway shopping centre this weekend you can go to the Durban International Astrology and Psychic Festival. Ya, take it with a pinch of salt hey, but it looks like it could be fun. Katia wants to know what colour her aura is, LOL :P

That's me... Over and out :)


Oh my GOODNESS! I found what I want for Christmas! *insert crazy wiggle dance here*


Sep 6, 2011

Fire and Lights blog is updated!

Go check it out :)

Sad pandas...

I really shouldn’t look through Fluffy’s photos on Facebook. They always make my heart sore because I miss my friend… miss her more than you could ever imagine. My poor boyfriend always gets this look of terror on his face when I speak about Fluff because I always end up in some form of tears. Poor man.

Ugh, sad face and sore heart.

Sep 5, 2011

Sep 4, 2011

welovepictures - the happy-picture-making co.

If you live in Cape Town and are getting married, these are the people that should shoot your wedding. I love this blog / portfolio, whatever you want to call it, for so many reasons. The photographers at welovepictures understand what weddings are all about and capture the moments of the day in the most beautiful (sometimes quirky) way possible. Love, love, love them.


Sep 2, 2011

Google has a new interface...

... Strange, and not sure that I'm loving it, but a change is as good as a holiday :)

It's the weekend...

What's everyone doing this weekend? At best, I will be sitting with my boyfriend on the beach, at worst, I will be in my bed sleeping :P Either way, I will be doing nothing!

Aug 31, 2011

This is going to be a "toight" month

We got paid last night! Hurray! Unfortuantely, what comes in must go out... I worked out a budget last night for my bills this month and I'm around R622 short, which makes me a very sad panda. Normally I would be fine, but this month I have to get my car serviced. The service is the 90000KM one... the biggie where they change your CAM belt, which means that it's going to cost anywhere between R3300 and R4200. This means that I'm simply not going to be able to get my car serviced this month and will have to save as much as I can in order to get the job done next month. I also have to pay dancing fees and the chiropractor; together those make up another R800. It's just going to be a horribly tight month, which means no driving around, no outings and no new clothes for the summer. Sad pandas. From next month I also need to start saving for Christmas presents. Having a mother and a boyfriend tends to be expensive business.

Mom I know wants a special drying rack for clothes and a mixer, as her one popped. I have no idea what Wayne wants, will have to ask him.

Ok, enough doom and gloom... Must plunder on.

Aug 30, 2011

Photies from the poi workshop :)

Im the chop all dressed in black :P

Standing: (Left to Right) Rayson, Wayne, Me, Robyn, Donna, Steve, Tamlin, not sure, not sure, not sure.
Sitting: Bruno, Jaco, Tertius

Aug 29, 2011

Nice weekend. Strange weekend, but a nice one nonetheless :)
Another weekend has come and gone. I am of the belief that we should have 3 day weekends and 4 day weeks. That would make my heart very happy.

Not too much to report. Robyn managed to run over herself with her car. Poor thing. She’s a bit of a disaster child. Fortunately nothing’s broken, just a few nasty scratches and bruises. I met Wayne’s dad. Sweet old man. Lots of energy for someone in their 70’s. Cooked breakfast for his family on Wayne’s very stubborn stove. Damn thing just doesn’t get piping hot and as a result everything ends up steaming, which isn’t the end of the world, but when you’re feeding 5 hungry people it can be. Anyways… we eventually ended up with “brunch”. Wayne’s brother bought him a puffer fish for his fish tank.
I would imagine that he looks like this when he’s all puffed up (sans the spikes, obviously):

Wayne and I went to tea at Illovo Nursery on Sunday, in the afternoon. The cake we had was so rich, but so lovely.

And that’s it really. Not much to report.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try take up cake decorating. We shall see how the cupcake decorating course goes on the 24th of September. If it goes well, I may get a book or two, a couple of tools and dabble. We shall see.

Aug 26, 2011

Of relationships and things...

Relationships are hard work aren't they? They're exceptionally difficult when you have two people in a relationship that are both stubborn and over emotional. I'm not good with relationships... I never have been, and as a result am always worrying that they're going to come crashing down around me and so when conflict occurs I run for the hills. I just wish relationships were simpler. I wish that there was a manual that came with them and that I knew exactly what my role is and exactly what his role is and how the two work together. But there isn't and so I'm left with this constant feeling of utter uselessness on my part. Am I even capable of getting a relationship right, or have my years of getting it completely and utterly wrong just screwed me up forever?

So now I'm sitting in my flat, with a boyfriend who is sitting in his flat and we're both unsure of where to go next. *looks up* Can I PLEASE have a manual?

Hopes and Dreams...

... that just seem unreachable. Maybe in my next lifetime I'll get them right... Who knows?

How cool is this apartment in Manhattan?

Check out the rest of it on the Fresh Pics blog :)

Jealousy does not become you...

Today is one of those days when you know you just shouldn’t be posting, but you do instead. Kind of like drinking and dialing, but I’m in a bit of a mood, so I’m going to plunder on anyways.

I’m annoyed with Wayne. I had a very grumpy boyfriend in my flat last night and after further investigation discovered that he was pissed off at my taking Robyn’s new website to Darren to develop. Yes, Darren is my ex-boyfriend, but really he’s barely a blip in my life these days. If it weren’t for work he probably wouldn’t be in my life at all. How many times do you have to tell someone that you love them before they believe you? This is the second disagreement of this type that we’ve had in 3 weeks. The first one was over Martin, now Darren… both of whom barely feature in my life. Oh for goodness sake. So anyways, I’m sorry, but I’m fed up.


... Can you feel it coming? It's on its way :D

Aug 25, 2011

Home of Poi are AWESOME! Shop in their store!!!

It's not often that we see great service delivery here in SA... and in fact, very often we have to travel abroad to actually find it. Home of Poi have absolutely blown me away today.

Here's the background...
Robyn and I ordered flowlights together. All of mine work fine, but her one Spirit flowlight has been fautly from the start and on the weekend she replaced the battery and it just wouldn't switch on.

I contacted HoP, gave them the long version of the problem. They contacted me back, saying that they've had a couple of flowlights with faulty switches and are sending me a replacement flowlight for Robyn. And, to top it all off, I don't have to send the faulty one back to them.

How incredibly awesome is that?
Well done Home of Poi and thank you for the excellent service!