Feb 26, 2010

Just a working girl in a working world

Where to begin... I’m a 30-something year old woman living in Durban, SA. My interests include Flamenco dancing, photography, gaming, reading and so many other things. This is sounding an awful lot like a curriculum vitae isn’t it? Let’s see if we can change that...

Why a blog? The rest of the world is doing it aren’t they? No, that’s not really the reason, or at least it’s not a decent enough reason. I suppose the real reason would be because I need an outlet of some sort. I’m not a particularly good writer, I’m not any kind of writer at all really, but I still feel the need to put my thoughts down somewhere. Who will end up reading them? I have no idea. Does anyone care about what I have to say? Probably not. However, at least I will have my outlet and hopefully you (my dear reader) will have a half decent read every so often.

This blog will consist of my views on what is happening around the world and inside my own world. It will consist of all the things I love and hate, and everything in between. So tread lightly through these posts as you are, in essence, treading through my mind.


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