Jul 28, 2010

What a crap evening

I suppose I really shouldn’t moan, because there are bigger things in life, but really, I had a crap evening.
The order of the general crappiness:

  1. Went for my weigh-in… Only lost 0.4kg’s… That’s 400 grams!
  2. The chick at the clinic jabbed me so hard with the needle that I actually cried.
  3. Then I had to compose myself for a meeting with the guy from Sanlam to discuss (of all things) an endowment policy.
  4. By the time I get home I am ready to cry again because I’m so hungry… only to discover that we have no electricity.
  5. No electricity equates to no dinner
  6. We went to Woolies and bought a chicken, got home, made salad and chicken rolls by candlelight.
  7. Sit down to eat, the lights come back on. CURSE YOU MURPHY!
I hope next Tuesday goes better. I’ve been working so hard on my diet that getting on the scale and seeing that I’ve only lost 0.4kg’s is unbelievably disheartening. I feel defeated.

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