Feb 19, 2011

Hello hi Elsa Pie

You're the only person that reads this thing, so I thought I'd pop you a quick life update. :)

Life is crazy busy at the moment. I've spent my last two Sundays at work; awesome huh? I think I may also go into the office tomorrow to do a bit more of a catch-up. Our server... wait for it... is getting a format and reinstall, as well as ALL of the computers. Barry has decided to start from scratch, because there are just too many issues happening with the current network set-up. SO the next couple of weeks are going to be... interesting.

How are you enjoying your new job? I laughed so hard when you said that your computer broke on your first day. I hope you're enjoying it at least, and enjoying the very corporate life.

Annie seems to be working out well, although she is very young and very much not used to a full working day :P She'll get into the swing of it though. Her kryptonite is sex the way yours is bums :P Katia, Annie and I were having the most random conversation about brazilian waxes and men shaving their pubes the other day and the most awful thought popped into my head. I wanted to tell Katia "wait til you get your first pube wedged into your teeth, you will be thankful I told you that men should shave" ... but, amazingly my brain kicked in before that could come out of my mouth. Annie would have dropped dead! :P

Speaking of men shaving... Elsa, life has gotten so weird.
Let's start with the simple stuff... Jayson has run away altogether. He deleted me from his friends list on FB and has just run away. I'm not going to chase after him. I'm just not. My life is complicated enough without me running after a man who isn't interested enough in me to keep me as a friend on Facebook.
Here's the complicated stuff... Darren. Actually, on second thought, I can't post this online. And I told you that I resigned from being Barry's online stalker right? He actually called me to tell me that he was sad. Why is it that my life is always full of strange men? I still sms him though, and get the most random and fun answers back.

Poi is so much fun! I'm loving it! It's getting hard though, but I guess it will get easier when I know what heck I'm doing. Faith has baled on lessons... Actually, Faith has resigned! I'm sad :(

I joined a really great poi forum on Home of Poi, and have learned quite a bit and met a nice guy (not romantically - he's 24 and has a gf). But it's nice to meet other poi spinners outside of Robyn's circle. He lives North KZN/Zululand way.

Anyways my friend that's all I have the brain power for this evening.
Missing you and your craziness. :)


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