Jun 27, 2011

Just a lovely day :)

This is going to come as a surprise, considering that I have simply NOT kept my blog up to date, but today is Wayne and my one "monthaversary". We've been going out for one whole month!

I suppose you're asking yourself who is Wayne now? Wayne really fell into my life when I thought that I was doomed to be single for forever. He works at Toyota and knows my mom, which is how he ended up in my life. Mom, being mom, often talks about me... What she's saying half the time, I have no idea, but it can't be all bad because one fateful day Wayne decided to add me to his Facebook friends list. It's a relatively involved story from there, but the short version is that after two months of hanging out and seeing each other on and off, he sent me an sms saying (again, short version)... What are we doing now?

Fast forward to one month later...

We are happily dating :) He's such a great bean.

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