Jun 29, 2011

Fire and Fun :)

It’s our fortnightly jaunt to Fire in the Park tonight!
This is an event that I really look forward to. Granted it is going to be SO cold, but at least we have fire and friends (and I have a snuggie) to keep us warm.

I forgot the purple beast (aka my picnic blanket) at home, so I missioned to Makro at lunch time to get another one. The new one is blue... Will have to come up with a new name for it.

I’ve also, for a change, remembered to bring my camera with. I have no idea whether or not the battery is charged, so here’s hoping that it is. If all goes well, I should have a few more pictures to show you tomorrow or the next day. Hopefully I will manage to get a picture or two of the drummers and with any luck, I’ll get someone to take a photo of me spinning something. I’m taking two sets of sock poi, plus fire poi and my flowlights.

On a completely random sidenote… Baz sent this to me today. You have to watch it with sound, otherwise it’s very arb. Honey Badgers Are So Gangsta.

Enjoy the evening all!

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