Sep 10, 2011

I am Number Four

This is a movie that I never got around to watching in the cinema, but did want to. Since then I'd heard mixed reviews from friends. Some loved it, some said it was too much along the lines of the Twilight movies... all soppy romance and no action. I'm not really Twilight's biggest fan, so the prospect of it being anything like those movies put me off a fair bit. Anyways, mom and I got take-aways for dinner last night and so I thought I'd pop into the video store next door. The DVD was in the corner that I usually frequent, you know that one, the lastest releases corner, every video store has one. I looked at it, scanned the rest of the shelves to see if there was anything better, and ended up taking it.

Ok, so the movie...

Alex Pettyfer (John Smith) was very much under my radar until I watched Beastly. He's not a bad actor at all. Look, he's no Nicholas Cage or Sean Connery, but as far as the young, up and coming actors go, he's definitely one to watch.

Ok, so John Smith and 8 other kids are from another planet, Lorien, which was destroyed by another race of aliens called the Mogadorians. These kids were all referred to by a number. As the other "Numbers" were killed off John grew stronger and came into a set of powers called Legacies. Each child apparently has different Legacies. He is guarded by a CĂȘpan (warrior) called Henri (Timothy Olyphant).

Stepping away from the movie a second here, does anyone else think that Timothy Olyphant is just the most delicious thing we have seen on the big screen in a very long time? At the ripe old age of 42 (born in 1968), the saying "men get better looking with age" certainly applies to him.

Ok, back to the movie... Look, I've no interest in running through it play-by-play. I'm not a movie reviewer, I'm just here to tell you that you should watch the movie. Yes, it does have a bit of a love story attached to it, but that's ok. It's not a soppy, gooey movie like the dismal Twilights.

The action scenes in the movie were fun! And well, any movie that has a Chimera in it will already earn 10 brownie points in my life. How cool was Bernie? Unfortunately Google is not offering up a decent image of him in his Chimera form for me to post.

Another great reason to watch the movie (especially if you're a guy) is the very awesome Australian, Six (Teresa Palmer). This girl is HAWT. Her Legacies include*:
*Courtesy of Wiki

Telekinesis — Like John, she can move objects with her mind. It is not told how developed her strength is.

Invisibility — Six can make herself invisible. She manages to sneak around outside the school despite the numerous Mogadorians outside. Six can turn people invisible just by touching them; however, this is limited to only a couple of people. John's grandfather had this power.

Elemental Manipulation — Six can control the four basic elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. She can apparently mix these powers together, shown when she makes a storm appear in the final fight.

Ok, well that's all I have time for today. The movie is definitely worth a watch, and I'm going to see if I can get the books too. I think they'd make a great read. I'm off to spin poi with my boy :P
Have a great weekend all!


I always hear a lightsaber's "wong wong" sound when I see these lights come out of his hands

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