Sep 8, 2011

Quick lunchtime catch up

Okay, so yesterday was D-day for the meeting with Darren to discuss the brief for Robyn's website (Fire and Lights). Overall I think the meeting went very well, Darren completely understood the concept and came back with a few really good suggestions on how elements of the website should function. The only problem is that all in all, the website is going to cost around R150k to develop. Yes, you heard me right... One hundred and fifty thousand rand. So, at this point I'm not sure what decisions Robyn is going to make, but a few will need to be made. Darren will be sending back a proposal / cost estimate on Tuesday and we can take it from there. I feel heartsore for her, because I really don't know if that amount is reachable for her and at the end of the day, this is what she should be doing. Robyn is not designed to sit in an office. She is designed to be a connector, she needs to travel the world and connect performers with people who need them. Also, her first attempt at the website was a bit of a failure for various reasons, so she's already put a fair chunk of money, time and effort into the thing. I'll see her tonight and see how she's doing.

Fire in the Park last night was lovely. It did start to rain at one point, but by then Wayne and I were so tired that it was time to go home anyways. I took a good number of photos of Baz, which I am going to use to put together an article for Robyn's Fire and Lights blog. The article will be entitled something along the lines of Shooting Poiple. Hopefully one or two of them came out alright! I must check the settings on the photographs that I took of Rayson, and maybe use some of those images too. Will see how it goes. Baz was in "cute mode"... friendly, funny and just enjoying himself. I love it when he's like that and just want to squeeze him. He really is a lovely guy. I hope his new girlfriend is awesome. Wayne didn't spin fire or play drums, which I think made his heart a little sad, but his violin exam is on Monday and if he damages himself then he won't be able to do it. So no fun was had by my bean unfortunately :( Poor thing. At least he brought his friend Dave with and they had a bit of a chin-wag. Martin was in "teacher mode" which meant that I got 6 weeks worth of poi lessons in the space of 2 hours. I'm not complaining though, I learn a great deal when he's in that mode.

I'm so excited for Wayne about his violin exam. He's been practicing like a demon and although I've only ever really heard him play once, he's doing very well. If nerves don't get the better of him I'm sure that he will rock that exam, and in 9 years or so I will have a boyfriend (or a husband, who knows) who plays violin in an orchestra. How cool is THAT!?! He's such a talented bean :) I love my bean :)

Tonight is the night market in Toti. I'm going to see Robyn, but I won't be staying for too long. I'm just too tired. This has been a very long week of late nights and I want an early one.

On a random side note, should you be at the Gateway shopping centre this weekend you can go to the Durban International Astrology and Psychic Festival. Ya, take it with a pinch of salt hey, but it looks like it could be fun. Katia wants to know what colour her aura is, LOL :P

That's me... Over and out :)

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