Mar 8, 2010

Men… Can’t live without them, can’t kill them…

Men are a strange breed aren’t they? They’re as confusing and difficult to read as a Tolkien novel. My ex (now just a friend) and I went to watch The Book of Eli together. See my previous post for my comments on the movie. Glen and I had a lovely evening, but bear in mind that he broke up with me and was determined to remain single until the point where he decided (a day or two before our movie evening) that he was ready for a relationship with me. Goodness, gracious me… Well, I’m certainly not ready for another relationship, and certainly not one with an ex who broke up with me. My heart is still healing from my most recent break-up. A break-up that has left me empty inside, more broken than I have felt in years… if ever before.

So as a result of a rather long and philosophical talk about relationships and where they’re going and/or are meant to go according to each of us, Glen and I are remaining just friends. He’s a sweet, lovely guy, but I want far more out of life and out of a relationship than what he will ever be willing to give me and so that, as they say, IS THAT!

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