Mar 8, 2010

The Book of Eli

I actually have no idea where to begin with this movie. The last 10 minutes was the highlight of the movie. The Book of Eli wasn't a terrible movie, and it certainly had moments of greatness (like the last 10 minutes) but overall I think my life would have been just as fulfilled if I hadn't gone to see it.

Denzel Washington, as always, was phenomenal. I think he alone saved that movie. His quiet, almost prophet-like, manner in the movie was excellent.

I don’t really have much more than that to say about the movie. The comical cannibalistic granny and grandpa was, I think, the knife in the coffin for me. The rest of the movie was still bearable, but granny and grandpa, with their graveyard in the backyard and their “meat” in the kitchen… they just didn’t belong in there.

I’m not even going to attempt to rate this one, but I will offer this as a word of advice… if you’re into high action, high impact movies like I am, give this one a miss.

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