Apr 10, 2010

Jason Grimaldi, SWARM and an African lady

The title of this post pretty much sums up my weekend thus far. It’s been an interesting one, filled with good times, fond memories and even a smidgen of drama.

Last night started out somewhat challenging with the electricity going off in my neighbourhood from about 6:30pm. This was extremely problematic as no electricity meant no concert. Thankfully someone hired a generator and the concert kicked in at about 7:30pm.

Talk about a blast from the past. Those of us who grew up in Amanzimtoti, Warner Beach and the immediate surrounds, in the 90’s, will remember the band SWARM consisting of the Roscoe brothers Dean and Michael, Grant van der Linda and Jason Grimaldi. Jason moved on to the UK with his wife Sian (pronounced: sh-ah-hn) and has been making music over there. The remaining members of SWARM, including one new member, who’s name I don’t know, formed a new reggae style band called Manuvah to Land. Their music style is very far removed from the old garage-band, grunge style of the original SWARM, but it was still easy-listening, enjoyable stuff. Another good band also played, but I missed their name as I was hunting frantically for Maxine and her hubby Lionel. Eventually I caught up with them and we had a fantastic evening.

I have to say though that Jason hasn’t changed at all in the 15 years since high school.

I managed to hunt down this YouTube video of him singing Sweet Home Alabama, which he played at the concert. He has a wonderful raspy, whiskey-worn voice that is easy and enjoyable to listen to.

At the concert they were selling R50 cd’s made up of a bunch of local bands which is actually pretty good. The money for the cd is going towards a cancer fund. The only damper on the evening was a fight that broke out between two drunken idiots… But this is Toti, and it wouldn’t be Toti without a fight or two. Fortunately it was contained within minutes and no one was seriously hurt.

We eventually got home at about 12:30, and I managed to hop into bed around 12:45. Please note that this is a somewhat miraculous time for me as I NEVER manage to stay awake that late these days.

This morning Maxine and I were up with the birds and on our way to Yours Forever Craft Studio at the Heritage Market in Hillcrest. What a fantastic morning. I had decided on a painting of sorts and Maxine ended up doing a mosaic pot stand, which was initially going to be for her mom for Mother’s day, however, she liked it so much that she’s opted to keep it.

I am extremely pleased with the way my painting came out. I know she’s not perfectly in proportion, and my lines aren’t perfect, however, I really don’t care. I haven’t painted a thing (fabric painting does not count as it really is paint-by-numbers) since high school so for me this was quite an accomplishment. I’ve bought another two canvasses and am going to paint the other two to match the first, and hang them as a set. I just need to decide on the images that I’m going to paint. I’m thinking that perhaps the middle painting is going to be something like African mud huts with pots and animals and the third is going to be a woman carrying a pot on her head. I’m not 100% sure yet though, so I’ll give it some more thought and take it from there.

Tomorrow I need to figure out what I am going to do for Emma for her birthday. I don’t know as yet and it’s concerning because her birthday is in a couple of weeks time, which means that I don’t have a lot of time to get something done. I’m leaning towards mosaic candle holders, but I will think about it properly tomorrow and make a decision.

And that’s been my weekend so far.

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