Apr 21, 2010

Quick Catch Up

I actually don’t know how I managed to maintain a regular blog for two years. Blogging has become almost tedious, but I still end up doing it. It is, I guess, a way of venting.

Date night with Chris didn’t happen. As expected he has let me down and hasn’t gotten back to me. He did have a valid excuse, but like Darren, they’re just empty excuses at the end of the day. So I guess this means that we’re not dating.

I’ve been chatting via FaceBook email to a guy called Jayson, who lives in JHB. He seems like such a nice guy. Why are all the nice ones either taken or so far away?

Work has been hectic, but enjoyable. I seem to be evolving from account management into online marketing, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s broadening my knowledge base and because it’s challenging it means that I’m not bored.

I’m excited about Emma’s birthday party this weekend. A 7 course picnic in the midlands with good people is just what I need. Mom knitted her a scarf, which I will take photos of. It really came out beautiful.

Otherwise, we’ve got a feria coming up on the 8th of May. That should be a nice night out. Katia and Justin are probably going to come too, which means that I will have friends there.

This has turned into a really disjointed post, hasn’t it? I’m tired and my brain is battling to string together full sentences.

I think I best quit whilst I’m ahead. ‘Til next time :)

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