Jun 30, 2010

Casper strikes again

I am convinced that my office is haunted! There have been times when I’ve been working late, by myself, and have either heard or felt something that I could find no explanation for.

I can tell that you think I’m crazy. I’m telling you, our office is haunted! Let me explain why I believe this to be so…

Months ago, Pam and I were standing talking in the kitchen. I think we were in the process of making coffee. Now, in the kitchen we had one of those stands that hold the knives and forks. It’s the kind that the knives and forks hang off of. Anyways, we were talking and all the windows and the back door into the kitchen were shut. There wasn’t a breath of air in the place… Not one ounce of wind. As we were talking the knives and forks on the rack suddenly started moving, like someone had run their hand along them. We both looked at them swinging, looked back at each other, finished making our coffee and proceeded to exit the kitchen in a rather swift, yet organised fashion.

Prior to that, I ended up working late one evening and could hear someone picking up papers, shuffling them and putting them down again. I knew that I was the only one in the office and all the lights upstairs were off, so I knew it wasn’t someone working. Anyways, I could still hear the picking up of papers, shuffling and putting them down, so I go up and walked to the bottom of the stairs. All the windows upstairs were closed because the bosses had left, so I called up the stairs “hello.” No reply came back at me. I checked the alarm by the door as it tells you which zones are active because there is someone in them, and the only zone that it picked up was the zone that I was in. At this point I turned my pc off, picked up my bag and left.

Last night I was alone, yet again, and I felt a strange pressure against my left foot. I looked under my desk and discovered… nothing. Why the ghost decided he wanted to push against my foot is beyond me. Perhaps he has a foot fetish?

There have been other incidents where other people in the office have heard the shuffling and Pam has also heard the door open and close, so I know it’s not my imagination playing tricks on me.

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