Jun 30, 2010

My Astrological Court Card: Queen of Cups

I thought I would do this for a laugh, but... but it's me!!!

She has the ability to see through people, to read them and know how to help them. She is naturally nurturing and protective of those she cares about.

Loyalty is very important to her and she loves and hates in equal measure. She can experience a roller coaster of emotions in any single day, so her sensitive nature needs gentle care to avoid mental and emotional exhaustion.

Her people-skills and natural intuitive abilities make her the ideal doctor, nurse, counselor, healer/psychic. She needs to feel her work has purpose.

Her emotional nature makes her a great lover, a compassionate friend, a loyal mother or daughter, but she is not the person to get on the wrong side of!

Her challenges or weaknesses are insecurity, jealousy and an overly controlling nature, so she needs to work on her ability to trust and have faith in others.

To succeed in love and life she needs to make sure her thoughts remain in control of her emotions rather than the other way round.

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