Jun 30, 2010

Earrings for Annomi

I got a phone call from downstairs today from Annomi. She was bleak because I had made a pair of earrings for Faith and not for her. In fact, her exact words were "I know I'm a monster, BUT..."

Anyways, this isn't a great picture, because the light isn't good at night at my place, but these are the earrings that I made for Annomi. My fingers are now flat from trying to get the pearls threaded on the wire!


  1. these are really stunning my friend! I've always admired how much you take on and somehow you manage to get it done and make a success of it!!?? And...as far as I know..you sleep at night? you're amazing!

  2. Thank you Fluff! :D
    I do sleep :P I enjoy doing it though. The nice thing about making the earrings is that a complex pair only takes me a couple of hours, and that includes "thinking" / design time. I usually spend a bit of time thinking about the beads that I've got and how I can put them together.


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