Jul 1, 2010

It’s Thursday!

The week is almost over and I still have so much to do! Next week the bosses are going to be back in the office, so we’re going to hit the ground running. Don’t expect too much from me in the line of communication.

The drive home last night was a bit of a challenging one. I left work around 17:10, but only got home at about 18:45. There was a hectic accident on the N2 heading south, just before Edwin Swales turn-off. Whilst stopped in the traffic five ambulances came flying past me in the emergency lane, about three police vehicles, an emergency rescue services vehicle, the fire truck and a hazardous materials vehicle also made their way past me en route to the accident. When I eventually did get to the site of the accident it was quite horrific. I’m assuming (I’m not sure as I was driving and was focusing on the road, rather than on the scene of the accident) that a car or another truck had collided with a tanker. The tanker itself was buckled and bent in places, but seemed intact. Thereafter for about half of a kilometer was debris, bodies (I’m sure I saw two) in black body bags and crunched vehicles in the road. Police officers were attempting to divert the traffic (four lanes worth) into one lane to get past the accident. The traffic on both sides of the freeway had come to a stop.

I hate road accidents, but they always remind me of the fact that I am lucky to never have been in one *touch wood*

Ok, well… let my crazy day begin!
Have a great one all :)

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