Aug 26, 2011

Of relationships and things...

Relationships are hard work aren't they? They're exceptionally difficult when you have two people in a relationship that are both stubborn and over emotional. I'm not good with relationships... I never have been, and as a result am always worrying that they're going to come crashing down around me and so when conflict occurs I run for the hills. I just wish relationships were simpler. I wish that there was a manual that came with them and that I knew exactly what my role is and exactly what his role is and how the two work together. But there isn't and so I'm left with this constant feeling of utter uselessness on my part. Am I even capable of getting a relationship right, or have my years of getting it completely and utterly wrong just screwed me up forever?

So now I'm sitting in my flat, with a boyfriend who is sitting in his flat and we're both unsure of where to go next. *looks up* Can I PLEASE have a manual?

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