May 9, 2010


Last night was our Feria! It ended up being a wonderful evening, even though getting there was somewhat stressful. The roads in Durban, particularly around the new stadium are absolutely chaotic! Nevertheless, we got there in one piece. Katia and Justin joined mom, grandpa and I for dinner and little bit of entertainment in the form of Flamenco at Al Firenz in Durban North.

I didn’t end up taking any photographs, even though I took my camera along. Instead I ended up dancing with the girls and with Pam (our dancing teacher).

Dinner was really outstanding. The food at Al Firenz was exceptional and even my Gnocci, which is normally a heavy dish was light and beautiful. Katia had wild boar! I declined her offer of a taste, as it really isn’t my thing… I’m just not a wild meat kind of person. I’ve had it before and it’s just not my thing.

Mom had Penne Putanesca, grandpa had the fish of the day which he said was delicious and Justin had a Ravioli of sorts. It all looked good.

After much dancing and celebrating we ended up leaving at around 10ish… having arrived at 7. I’m surprised my mom lasted that long! But it was a fun evening and enjoyed by all.

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