May 26, 2010

Oh Goodness Fluff...

... this has been one long and challenging day. Work (the work that I’m supposed to be doing, the mountains of it that I’m working through at the moment) is fine. It’s the IT issues that we’re experiencing at the moment which are the problem. In fact, they’re not even the problem, it’s the people in the office who get involved in them, who have no clue as to what is already happening, and in the process cause more problems, that are the problem. I have spent my last hour and a half sorting out their fuck-up. It pisses me off because I already have so much work to get through without having to pick up after them.

I can’t wait for Friday... I’m taking a day’s leave.

How are you doing? Is work keeping you busy? How’s Mr R? Did he enjoy his birthday dinner? Where did you end up going?

I’ve got dancing tonight, but I hope that I’m going to manage to get through the traffic. Last week was a nightmare and the week before that was worse! They’re basically digging up Durban. I very much doubt that there is a road between here and the Karoo that they’re not digging up.

Anyways, I best get going... I’m sorry, I just needed to vent a little.
Have an awesome day!


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