May 19, 2010

Fluffy my fluff :)

Oh Fluffy my Fluffy... what a frustrating day.
I've moved myself away from my desk because I'm on wireless at my desk and through a series of (unfortunate) events, which are too long and frustrating to explain, the wireless isn't working properly. So now I'm just outside of my office virtually in front of the toilet because there is a network cable that connects directly to the ADSL there. The positive is that I have decent net access, but the negative is the noise which I find incredibly distracting. Even though we're upstairs, the noise from downstairs in the studio travels up the stairs right to me. I am now drowning my brain cells in music.

But anyways, let me not complain about one week of difficulties.

5 Days later...

I never got to finish my initial post, so I’m carrying on from here...
Tonight is dancing class, so I’ve got a bit of time before I have to get ready and head to that. There is so much that I want to tell you.

I’ll start with Emma. You know my friend Emma? Her dad has been diagnosed with terminal melanoma and the doctors reckon that with chemo he should have a month to live. He’s been fighting cancer for the past 15 years and has been in remission 3 times, but this time its back with a vengeance. Her parents have sold their house and are moving in with her and Darryl, but it’s still so sad. She’s putting on such a brave face, because that is just the way she is, but her heart must be breaking inside. I want to hug her and tell her that it’s actually ok for her not to be a soldier and ok for her not to be everyone’s rock.

On the home front mom is doing ok. The medication that she’s on (so very many pills) seems to be helping and she’s looking a lot better than she was. I told you that she has high cholesterol, has high blood pressure and that she’s highly anaemic didn’t I? Well, she’s got several pills for everything, that she has to take regularly, but at least she’s doing much better.

Grandpa sold his Pajero and bought a 1998 Toyota Camry. Ya, I don’t know why either...
I don’t know the whole story, but I think he might end up in some local movie. Basically, about two weeks ago... just after the highland gathering, so that was about two weeks ago, he and my uncle Alan went to Gateway to... I actually don’t know what they did there, but I think it had something to do with being extras in a movie. Anyways, they called grandpa back and apparently want him to be part of whatever it is that they’re doing. It could be a movie, it could be a tv advert, I really don’t know... When I get more information I’ll let you know. Mom called me today to tell me, but she was giggling so hard on the phone that I could barely understand her. She thinks it’s a riot.

Jayson has decided that he’s coming to visit, so we’re going to go away for a weekend to the Midlands. Ya, I’m still figuring this one out hey... He’s really sweet, awesome, funny, intelligent and wonderful, but it doesn’t change the fact that he lives in JHB... JHB. Apart from the fact that it's so far away, it's JHB. If it were CT or even the Eastern Cape I'd be ok with the idea, but JHB. Oh Fluffy.

Work is insanely busy at the moment. I’ve got 3 big projects on the go and I’m not sure whether I’m Arthur or Martha at the moment, but I’m enjoying it all at least. I have two really good bosses, which in this day and age is rare. I’m still not quite sure how I lucked out with this job... although, that said, remember my first week when I wanted to run away? I’m glad I stuck it out... Was the best decision I’ve made in two years.

Well, I suppose I better get going. I need to change and sort some stuff out before heading to dancing.
You are looking beautiful by the way. Your FB profile picture is exquisite. I miss you so much...

Love you lots my beautiful friend.

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