May 5, 2010

It’s May... already.

I can’t believe how this year is flying past. I wonder if the older you get the faster your life goes by? You’ll have to please excuse my writing... it’s “that special time of the month” and as a result I’ve taken a good number of very good pain killers today. Add to that a good number of anti-inflam’s and am contemplating taking more because my head is starting to kill me. Don’t worry; I won’t end up taking any more, mostly because I still need to get to Durban North for dancing class. Yes, that’s tonight.

This weekend is our Feria... expect photos of some sort fairly soon after.

Emma’s birthday in the Midlands was fantastic. We went to a place called Horizon’s Gourmet Picnics. It was 10 degrees outside, but we still sat around on blankets, covered ourselves in more blankets and had a fantastic day out. I think at one point it probably warmed up to about 15 degrees, but then proceeded to rain, so we made our way inside and had coffee and dessert. The food was quite good, although a little odd. They bring you all your food in one picnic basket, but provide you with a menu so that you can see how the courses work. The drinks were also fairly expensive, and we tended to drink more because it was so cold... so all in all I think that the day ended up costing me around R300. Which I suppose isn’t too bad considering that dinner with Darren often ended up costing more. And at least this way I got to see a good few of my old friends, like André and Raleen and Megan and Deon, whom I haven’t seen in ages.

Emma and Darryl have taken up Thai Chi. I’m so contemplating joining. It’s just down the road in Stamford Hill road. I don’t know if I’m going to because it’s R200 a month, but I just might. I’m still thinking about it.

Well, I took the plunge a couple weeks back and deleted Darren from my Facebook friends list. His status updates were killing my spirit, so I thought it best. He did sms me the other night, but purely out of boredom because his electricity was off. He hinted that he was going out with pretty and new people, so I asked him flat out if that was his way of telling me that he has a new girlfriend. He said he didn’t, but there were a few potentials that he wasn’t pursuing at the moment... Now I ask you, why did I need to know this? Couldn’t he have just sms’d someone else to begin with? Anyways, it’s going to be a long time before I don’t love him anymore, but I’m certainly well on my way...

I have, actually, sort of found someone new... but that’s too complicated to explain now. I like this man... really like him. He’s 31 (I think... around there), and he’s solid and down-to-earth... but he lives in JHB... hence the complicated part. Ag ya, I don’t know where it will go... if anywhere at all, but who knows.

Anyways, I must sign off here... I’ve got to get changed for dancing.


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