May 25, 2010


I thought I'd post my favourite pieces of jewellery that I made this weekend. I had fun doing this, although I really am turning into a hermit these days...

This one has a glazed red clay bead which I've turned into a pendant. The beads that go around your neck are made of wood. It's very earthy and chunky, which I like.

These are made with white flowers cut out of shell (ready bought). I looped the silver flower and bead onto a small length of chain (would have been really useful to have the Handy Helper when I made these) to get a dangling effect. They're really sweet.

This is my favourite piece of the lot. The charms ranged from R4 to R38, but I love the end result. The beads are made of stone and were R10 for three. That is the sole reason I don't make and sell the bracelets, because some of them would just work out far too costly... what would happen if I started putting time into that??? Gosh no... I'm just loving making them.

I call this one "Purity Bracelet"
I bought the white crosses from a place called Silver Hills Gems, which is in Hartebeespoort (sp?) Dam last year sometime, but haven't figured out what I wanted to do with it. I actually bought three of them. I may make another one for one of the girls in my office because she loved it so much. If you were here, I'm afraid I would be inundating you with hand-made beaded jewellery.

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