Aug 2, 2011

Another busy month...

It seems like it's going to be another busy month. On top of work we have the following:

Wednesday's - dancing after work
Every second Wednesday - Dancing and then Fire in the Park, after work
Thursday - Night market
Friday - Baking muffins for Saturday's workshops
Saturday - Poi workshops
14th - Flamenco show at Catalina theatre
20th - Working on Fire and Lights with Robyn and braai in the evening with Robyn & Rayson

Next month (the 24th) I've booked mom and I to go on a cupcake decorating course at The Makery. It's just something fun for us to do. I will post pics of our creations :) In the meantime, here are some of my favourite cupcakes from Zolita at The Makery:

Teddy bears - too cute :)

Pretty wedding cupcakes - gorgeous alternative to the traditional wedding cake

Cake pops!

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