Aug 15, 2011

The weekend round-up

This weekend Wayne and I managed to do very little. We had officially made it a “nothing” weekend due to us needing a proper rest after the last few very busy weekends. “Nothing” in our world (or mine at least) generally involves doing “something”. On Saturday, after a very late start we popped to Galleria and Pavilion, so that I could look for a dress for the engagement party that he and I are attending on the 2nd of September. One of Wayne’s friends is getting married. After a trip to Galleria and then a trip to the Pav, I managed to find a very pretty, quite simple, but still elegant dress in Foschini. The black and white dress (white on the top, black on the bottom) can be dressed up or down for either a smart daytime function or a nice evening function, so I think I’ll get my money’s worth of wear out of it. I just hope that the weather warms up a bit before the 2nd, or I am going to freeze.

On Sunday, after another late start, I pulled my room apart in a bit of a spring cleaning frenzy. I have yet to put it back together properly… getting there slowly. In the afternoon Wayne and popped to Catalina Theatre at Wilson’s Warf to watch the Familia Flamenco show. I enjoyed the show more than I thought I would. Linda has changed it from the last two years, which is a very good thing. It needed a bit of sprucing up.

Sunday evening saw me, in my bed, playing Sacred 2. I couldn’t be bothered to work on anything anymore, hence the reason my room still looks like my cupboards vomited their contents all over my bedroom floor. Tonight I will sort the crap from the stuff that I’m keeping and chuck out what I don’t want. Heaven help me.

Have a great evening all!

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