Aug 12, 2011

Fire in the Park – 10 August 2011

This post falls under the “better late than never” category.
Ok, so FiP this week was absolutely… for lack of a better word… EPIC! It was the last day that the Fire Desire guys were spending with us before continuing on their travels down the coast, and so just about all of the regulars and a few newbies pitched.

Martin, Wayne and Baz had the most fun (I think). Martin got to spin with some advanced spinners, which made his heart happy. He could finally talk to and spin with people who are on his skill level with poi. Unfortunately, although it isn’t so nice to say, he is a little bit ahead of the rest of us fire bunnies at FiP, with the exception of Jace and Cass.

Wayne got to spin his fire staff (with fire), and to my amazement he was absolutely brilliant! Don’t get me wrong, I have all the confidence in the world that some day he will be one of the best spinners I’ve ever seen, but I was surprised at how awesome he was after just two lessons and one day of practice. So all in all, three days and he was killing the moves! Nice :D That’s my bean!

Baz got to spin double staff, which he hasn’t done in a while… A while being two years I think he said? He really is very good. I forget sometimes how good at fire staff he actually is, and am reminded again when I see him spinning. Wayne says it’s like he’s going to war :P

Bruno spun everything from my flowlights to some form of fire wand. The man has serious skills when it comes to fire staff, so much so that even Baz said that he wish he had come to the staff workshop. Jaco and Martin spun partner poi and Tertius managed to catch some superb video footage of them. There is one piece of the video where it looks like Martin has 4 balls of flames flying around him. Incredible. Tertius did his fire breathing, poi and closer to the end of the evening had a few willing guinea-pigs eating fire. I passed…

I’m going to miss those guys, although they will be back in April for another tour. They really added a different element to FiP and as a result everyone upped their game and it was one incredible evening.

Oh! Even Faith came to Bulwer park! She finally got her fire hug from Robyn :D
And that as they say, is that :D

Have a superb weekend everyone!

Barry spinning staff... he is just amazing :)
Bruno showing Martin an advanced poi move... I think it's called Orbitals :)
Faith getting her fire hug from Robyn... Her first one ever!
Bruno... absolutely incredible
Me doing ... what ... fountains? I dunno, it's basically poitruvian man.
Me doing corkscrew :)
My babes, Wayne spinning the awesomeness :D
Wayne spinning fire staff... His first time!
He did so well! :D

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