Aug 24, 2011

Either Murphy or the Universe has got it in for me today...

Photo received via email
Today was one of those exceedingly long days. It started off with a 4 hour drive to work. Ya, I kid you not. I left home this morning at 7am, expecting to arrive at my destination (work) by the very latest, 8am. Little did I know that evil gnomes (I’m convinced it was the gnomes… them or the lizard people) were conspiring against me and as a result I ended up getting caught in the backlog of traffic, which was a direct result of human stupidity.

Apparently, what had happened was that two cars collided. The driver of the first vehicle (this is where the stupidity kicked in) got out to get the license and insurance details from the driver of the second vehicle… and promptly got flattened by a passing truck. He clearly did not look both ways before getting out his car. The truck then collided with another truck and, as they say, all hell broke loose after that. This was around 6am, so by the time 7am rolled around the traffic was well and truly (excuse my language) fucked.

Photo received via email
At the end of it, I arrived at my office (glass half empty) very, very late… like 10:45am late… (glass half full) very early for tomorrow. Either way, I didn’t reach my destination at the presumed 8am.

Moving on…

As my day progressed I got well into the swing of things until 1:20pm-ish, at which point the electricity died. Yes, it did indeed die… right at the point that I was going to send out an urgent bulk-emailer to our clients. Isn’t that just super? After a fair bit of calling our utterly useless municipal electricity department, Pam discovered that the power cables had been stolen from Currie or Cowey Road (not sure which one) and as a result the entire Morningside area had a power outage. Again, so super… (for those not in the know, this is sarcasm)

At about 3:30pm the lights came back on, thankfully.

Moving on…

Tonight is Fire in the Park, but if the weather does what I think it’s going to do, I don’t think there is going to be one. It’s starting to blow gales and looks like it just may rain.

So… that’s three. That’s it right? Don’t these things usually happen in three’s? Surely there can’t be any more (again, please s’cuse the language) fuck-ups today? Surely?

Enjoy the evening all

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