Jul 3, 2010

Ballito Prawn and Jazz Festival

Saturday turned out to be a little different to what I had originally planned, but I can’t complain. I did get to Ceramic Craft Studio to pick up the ceramic snails that Katia and I want to mosaic, but I didn’t get to the I Heart Market.

These are some of the tiles I'm going to mosaic him with.

At the festival I bought a heart blank to mosaic, to see how it's going to come out.
Mom, grandpa and I took a drive out to Ballito for the Prawn and Jazz Festival, which was held at Collisheen Estate.

It was great, there was so much to look at including guys flying through the air on dirt bikes, a big flea market, arts, crafts, food galore, a farmers market, a 4x4 track, rock climbing walls and even a funfair. We had lunch at the SPAR tent and although the queue was a mile long, it went by quickly. All of us had the prawn and chicken bunny chow. They were nice, but could have done with a few more prawns. I bought a few small things, and found a few more things that I would have like to have bought, but didn’t. I bought a heart made out of wood (pic below) because I think I’d like to make these and sell them in my (soon to be) online shop. Let me know what you think and if you think that it’s a good idea that I include them. We were blessed to have perfect Durban winter weather, sunshine and no rain. I didn’t need a jersey at all, but I certainly do need to get myself a pair of sunglasses. My Oakleys are so old that they’ve actually perished, poor things.

These boys (the one was only 17!) were literally FLYING through the air!

We bought two mixed mushroom kebabs. I think I'm going to use the shrooms to make a mushroom risotto tomorrow.

Pics of the heart that I want to attempt to make and sell. What do you think? This cost me R80, and I know that it didn't cost that much to make.

After the festival we popped to the Lifestyle Centre in Ballito. It’s such a nice centre, but we didn’t stay long because we’d been walking for hours around the festival and were tired. I even started dozing off in the car on the way home! We left the house this morning at around 10ish, but only got home just before 5pm! So it’s been a long day, but a good one.

I was using mom’s point-and-shoot so I couldn’t zoom in as far as I would have liked with the bike pics.

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