Jul 26, 2010


I need to vent and unfortunately you, dear reader, are the person I’m directing my vent at.
This has been a crap, crap day. Please can you tell me why, when I’m feeling at my lowest, someone comes along and shits on my shoes? I’m talking figuratively, not literally, of course.

I woke up tired this morning and never really kicked into gear, although I did seem to have an extremely productive day. This could also possibly be because I’ve just got so much work to get through that killing piles of it seems productive.

Anyways, work isn’t the cause of my vent at this point. The cause is the fact that someone is going to look at our flat on Wednesday. That someone is a potential buyer. If that someone decides they would like to buy our flat we are stuck, yet again, without a home. This time the move isn’t as simple as picking ourselves up and moving. This time we have a grandfather and a cat to worry about. It’s all just too much for me at this point, so much so that I’m actually on the verge of tears.

Anyways, I’ve got work to finish up and had best get on with it if I’m going to get out of this office by 7:30pm.

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