Jul 19, 2010

The weekend

The weekend was busy, but good. Mom and I had a nice day out on Sunday. We found my birthday present! A pair of Oakley Polarized Straight Jacket® sunglasses. They’re gorgeous, but unfortunately I’m only getting them in November, when my birthday rolls around.

Other than that it was a weekend of arts and crafts and clothes shopping… Grandpa went to Susan on Sunday, because he hates going to clothes shopping with us.

Products for my online shop are coming along nicely. I’ll post some samples when I get a chance.
Anyways, I best get motivated.

Have a super day!

P.S. The diet of doom is coming along nicely. I think I've lost my kilogram for this week. I've been really good and sticking to the diet like glue. I've also been drinking the correct quantities of water every day (and have turned into a pee-pot). I can't say that it's easy, because my house is always full of biscuits and junk food thanks to my grandfather, but I'm going strong and am DETERMINED to lose the 15 kilos to get to my goal weight :)

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