Jul 13, 2010

A little bit of everything...

The diet of doom has commenced.
I’m going to try and not let this take over my life, but as we all know, weight is no laughing matter. On the upside, I’ve lost 0.6 of a kilo since my last weigh-in, 7 months ago, at the clinic. So at least I’ve maintained the weight-loss. Now to just get down to 65!

I’m missing the Fluff and her motivation. I used to pop over to her place on the odd day and have lunch with her. It was fantastic because she kept me motivated, especially when I was feeling miserable about taking the medicine and eating salads almost every day. My mother and grandfather are no motivation. Grandpa made pudding for him and mom this evening. I didn’t have any, but still… it’s difficult. Food is my demon. For me, it’s the equivalent of alcoholism or a cocaine addiction. I love food, especially pies, pastries and pastas. There is never a point during the day that I don’t think about food, so when I’m on diet it’s like being in a rehab clinic, with all the anxiety and stress and unhappiness that goes along with it. There are even times when I feel physically sick at the thought of not eating something delicious and fattening, the result of which leaves me bad-tempered and sometimes rather unpleasant to work with. Anyways, let me stop complaining. I hate the sound of my own misery more than I hate being on diet.

It was Pat’s birthday today… Thank goodness for Facebook! FB reminded me and as a result I ended up being the good friend I like to think I am by calling him on his b-day. I’m going to see him on Thursday for coffee and to discuss my website. He’s such a great bean. I’m going to miss him when he moves to Ballito. I know married men shouldn’t have female friends, but he’s like a brother to me!

Gosh, Saturday is going to be manic. I’m actually a little stressed out about it. It started out as a nice day out with Maxine, but it’s slowly turning into a hectic, clock-watching event. I got an sms from Chilo (Ros’ bridesmaid) telling me that the bridal shower is on Saturday at 2pm. Art class with Max at Yours Forever is from 9:30 until about 1-ish… So that means leaving Hillcrest at 1pm, racing back to Winkle to drop Max off and then racing back to Bot Gardens in town. I think I’m only going to get there at about 2:30pm, but there’s nothing I can do about that at this point. Wish me luck…

Sunday should be less manic at least.

Well, I guess that’s me for now.
Have a great week.

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