Jul 24, 2011

Another weekend, she has come and gone!

Is it just me, or do the weekends seem to fly past us at the speed of light? I feel like I’ve not had a weekend at all.

Ok, well… here’s the weekend round up.

On Friday night Daniel, Wayne and I went to watch the last Harry Potter at Galleria’s NuMetro cinema.

My heart is sad. We’ve been reading the Harry Potter books and watching the movies for what, ten years now? It feels like the end of an era. How do you say goodbye to some of your most beloved friends? How do you close the door on a legacy? What new adventures will we have to look forward to now? Look, I know I’m a 32 year old adult, but I have the imagination of a ten year old child and I’m hoping that will never change. I dream of wizards and witches, magick and spells, flying broomsticks, fairies, mermaids and pixies. What would life be without them? When the Harry Potter books arrived in our lives children started learning about these things again. A witch wasn’t just a costume that you wore on Halloween anymore; it was a person with a book of spells and wand filled with beautiful magick.

One day when I have children we are going to go on great adventures together. Some days we will be sailing the seven seas as pirates or go swimming in the deepest depths of the ocean as mermaids, to the great underwater city of Alantis. Other days we will make potions and cast spells to turn frogs into princes and flowers into butterflies. We will hunt pots of gold at the end of rainbows and dance in fairy rings. All of these adventures can be found in your home, inside a book. Books are the doorways to the most wonderful worlds and I wish that more parents would spend time reading to and with their children.

So thank you JK Rowling. Thank you for the smiles and the tears that you have brought into our lives. Thank you for the adventures and for making us love the most charmingly wonderful set of characters. Thank you for endearing them to us, and I hope that you start again… Write us another adventure and I will promise you that we will join you on it.

Saturday was a weird collection of things, sort of glued together with bubblegum and toothpaste. Wayne, Daniel and I went and wandered around Durban beachfront. We had a take away coffee from Circus Circus at the skate park and then walked along the beach front until we ran out of time and had to get Wayne to his violin lesson. Whilst he was there, Daniel and I popped to the Pav quickly for a muffin and juice from Kauai. I was hungry and Wayne was only going to be done with his lesson at 1:30pm. The muffin, as awesome as it was, made me feel utterly sick, so after we collected Wayne we made our way home. The boys spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping while I cooked dinner. Ya, I’m still not sure how that came about. Am I becoming domesticated?

After dinner, and a bit of Discovery channel, Daniel went home. Wayne and I chilled the rest of the evening and had a fairly late, although lazy night.
This morning (Sunday) was an “early to rise” one. I had to get Wayne breakfast and drop him off home before Robyn arrived. Thankfully she arrived later than expected and so I was home when she got here.

We spent the day working on the directory of her website. I think that we made some good progress, although I’m not sure how long it’s going to take until we’re done with the website spec. I can see this being a bit of a marathon, but once it’s done it will be superb.

And now I’ve updated my blog, had dinner and have neglected to wash my car once again. I feel sick at the thought of how dirty it is, but it’s just been so cold, or I’ve been busy on Sundays, so I just haven’t gotten to it.

The wind is howling outside… Should I? Shouldn’t I? Ugh…

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