Jul 7, 2011

Fire in the park photies from the other night :)

Here they are... not great, but they give you a sense of the vibe :)

Dieter (I think - first time I met him) on the left and Wayne (my babes) on the right

The boys jamming :)

Rayson spinning awesomeness

Rayson and the buzzsaw of doom

Martin with Rayson's monkeyfists... that is a seriously scary pair of poi

Martin with behind the back ... er ... flowers?

Rayson on the left, Martin on the right... Look at the difference between Rayson's regular, medium-weight poi and the monkeyfists that Martin's spinning.

Rayson & Martin


  1. Ash these photos are sooo cool! I especially LOVE 'rayson spinning awesomeness' YOu've really captured the atmosphere, I have splashy memories when I look at them, and I can hear those african drums...

  2. I never went to Splashy, but I can totally get where you're coming from. It's a fantastic atmosphere, full of rhythmic drumming and fire... I love it :) Wish you were here to share it with us!

  3. Oh, and my comments finally seem to be working!


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