Jul 3, 2011

The House and Garden Show of 2011

Chain, charm and bead necklace by "Irresistables". Hand made jewellery by Karin Weir. 031 266 7935 / 083 700 9771.
The House and Garden show wasn't as awesome as I was expecting it to be. I think that what I was looking for in terms of home decor ideas I would only get at a show like Decorex. So as a result, although the show was lovely for what it was, I didn't really achieve much. I did however, buy a very pretty necklace (see the picture above) from a woman, called Karin, who makes jewellery from home. Her jewellery is very reasonably priced. Mom bought a gorgeous necklace for Celeste (my aunt in Canada), and a keyring for Darren's (my cousin in Canada) girlfriend. Why she bought the girlfriend a keyring is beyond me.

We found a few nice little goodies we could have bought and there was much in the line of cakes, sweets and biscuits, but lack of dosh and a strict diet meant that we didn't really buy anything. Mom bought me a set of silicon muffin trays from the Wizbake stand. Their baking trays are gorgeous. Actually just about everything from them is gorgeous. They have the most fantastic ice trays and chocolate moulds. I actually bought mom some chocolate moulds from them last year at the Good Food and Wine show.

Another stand which we found that I like was a company called Mooi. Again, pretty things. They had lovely leather cuffs. Other than lunch and a chocolate/marshmallow brownie (mom and I shared one), we didn't buy anything else. We made up for the brownie by having a really healthy grilled fish and salad dinner.

All in all it was a lovely day, even though I didn't manage to accomplish what I wanted.

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  1. I really like the necklace! I also had a good giggle about your comment about the keyring...it is pretty random lol


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