Jul 12, 2011

One for the Office Book...

This is all second hand, so I'm giving you what I remember of my conversation with Katia this afternoon...

Siya decides he's going to drink the left over juice in the fridge, however, it's so old and so fermented that the bottle is ready to explode it's so gassed up.

Katia: Siya, you can't drink that, you'll die!

Siya: What? No, it's fine.

Katia: Siya, you can't drink that, it will make you very sick. Throw it away!

Siya: No, that's a waste. I will be fine.

Katia: Siya, take this bottle upstairs to Ashley and see what she has to say about you drinking it.

Siya: No, no it's ok. You can throw it away.

Katia: *throws bottle of fermented juice away*


I laughed... loudly.

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