Jul 7, 2011

Food, food, food, food, food, food, fooooooooood…

I’m back on my diet due to the fact that I’ve picked up a good 7 or so kilograms, but this time around it’s just so difficult. I’m hungry all the time. Food is my cocaine. It’s my drug and my biggest vice. I love to cook, love to shop at stores like Food Lover’s Market… I can literally spend hours wandering up and down the aisles seeing what new products are on the shelves, enjoying the new packaging and wondering what the contents are like.

I do think that a lot of how I’m feeling is psychological as I spend at least 80% of my day thinking about food in one form or another. I work for a research company that profiles the grocery industry; my job is to follow what’s going on with the food retailers and my favourite channel is BBC Lifestyle (the cooking shows).

I’m feeling like such a sad panda, because even as I write this, and I’m pretty sure that even as you’re reading this, I’m contemplating making myself a peanut butter sandwich. I love peanut butter.

Wish this hollow feeling would just go away now :(

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  1. I hear you my friend...I think every woman who's ever had to diet hears you. I remember when Aileen went on the diet, she said she dreamt of potato wedges LOL! The hard thing is that you are an amazing cook, and that you are really passionate about cooking, so it breaks my heart a little coz cooks don't get excited about serving up lettuce with no dressing :-( I'm also with you on the peanut butter!!! I LOOOOOVE peanut butter - to the point where I cannot have it in the house. Or else I land up going for a teaspoon of it after the sandwich..LOL..And I have to do that until its finished and my skin breaks out..so it's best banned in my house - but all my friends have kids, so when I visit them it is like serving me cake when they make peaunut butter sandwiches for lunch LOL! They recently had a facebook petition here to bring back the peanut butter m&m's that were only available when one of the shrek movies was launched. Now that was my absolute favourite peanut butter indulgence...the sweet chocolate with the salty peanut butter inside YUM!!!


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