Jul 29, 2011

Woolworths - King Shaka Airport

It's not often that Woolies lets me down, but unfortunately the Woolworths at the King Shaka airport did just that on Wednesday.

I had what I can only describe as the most revolting roll I have ever had. The offending roll was a beef and pickle baguette, which I bought from the deli counter at the Woolies in King Shaka airport and cost a whopping R28. The bread was stale and chewy; and the contents of the roll were flavourless and nondescript. Fortunately Linda had the same roll as I (or unfortunately in her case), and so I know I wasn't imagining that it was as ghastly as I thought it was.

Katia asked why I didn't return the roll, but when you're hungry and worrying about a boss who has yet to arrive at the airport, and have a day of travelling ahead of you, fighting with the person behind the counter just isn't at the top of one's priority list. It's only after the stale bread starts wreaking havoc with your insides do you realise that you should have handed them back their revolting, over-priced food.

Some big-wig from Woolies H/O definitely needs to go in there and wrap the staff over the knuckles for selling stale, tasteless baguettes to unsuspecting travellers.

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